Printing in Docit now 

If your printing app of choice is not showing in the Share Sheet and you do not have an AirPrint enabled printer here are the steps to take. 

  • Tap the “Share” icon to bring up the Share Sheet.
  • Tap the“Print” button.
  • Use the 3D Touch to "Pop" into the document preview (or simply pinch to zoom using two fingers)
  • From this screen, select the “Share” icon again to bring put the Share Sheet.
  • Now, you can choose from your normal list of services and export the document, webpage, image, or email as a PDF.

Note: If you’re using an iPad or other device without 3D Touch, this can be replicated by pinching and zooming on the document preview.

Visual Steps for printing

First tap on the Share Button (the box with the arrow icon) then you're going to tap on the "Print" icon. 


3D Touch the document (with an iPhone 6s or later.) Otherwise pinch to zoom the document on any iOS device. 


Now tap on the Share Button again.


Finally tap on the printing app icon of your choice.